Off-Grid Power Generator

Alpcon Micro HEXTEG

The Alpcon off-grid power generator is ideal for campers, outdoors enthusiasts, the defence industry, and human relief organizations. Customer benefits of the off-grid power generator are:

  • power wherever you are, day and night
  • no noise
  • fuelled by whatever fuel you have at hand
  • light-weight, compact, eassy to carry and simple to use

Powered by the grill, the gas burner, hot coals from the campfire or any other heat source at hand, the RP8 offers you off-grid power at all times.

Simply place the RP8 on top of your heat source and the cooling fan will start to rotate and generate power after approx. 30 seconds. Connecting the RP8 to your devices are simple with the available USB jack (5V) and a cigarette lighter plug (12V).