HEXTEG Exhaust

Alpcon Exhaust HEXTEG

The HEXTEG Exhaust offers:

  • up to 10% increase in fuel efficiency
  • excess power generation for battery charging and other use
  • reduced carbon emissions
  • easy integration on existing and new vehicles

Fuel efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions are among the key reasons why exhaust heat recovery is important. A diesel engine loses up to 30% or more of the energy contained in the fuel through the exhaust and the case is similar for other fuel types.

Alpcon’s HEXTEG Exhaust offers a 10% improvement in fuel economy as well as an optimization of the heat to power conversion efficiency. The power generation can be used for battery charging and other electrical systems and components. Furthermore, carbon emissions are reduced and energy efficiency increased.

Alpcon’s pioneering LC-HEXTEG water cooled waste heat to power converter is at the core of the system and offers easy integration on existing as well as new vehicles at low cost and high efficiency.