Electronics Cooling

Alpcon Cooler HEB

The customer benefits of the Alpcon Electronics Cooler include:

  • cost saving through the use of excess heat for cooling and dehumidification
  • a compact and simple system
  • easy to operate
  • no maintenance and a long lifetime

Telecom mobile base stations are often located in remote areas where cooling requirements are high. The cooling of the electronics in the telecom towers is crucial to the continued functionality of the equipment as is the control of the humidity in the cabinet; both of which come at a high cost.

Mobile base stations are equipped with battery backup to ensure a stable power supply for the electronics. These batteries require a certain temperature range for increased life time and performance.

Alpcon has developed a highly efficient battery cooler which allows for dual cooling zones in the mobile base stations, thereby decreasing the overall cooling needs of the base station and increasing the life time of the batteries. Cost savings are substantial when base stations can run with low temperatures in the battery section and higher temperatures in the remaining cabinet.

In addition to the savings on operational costs, the design of Alpcon’s Electronics Cooler is compact and simple ensuring easy operation. The system requires no maintenance and has a guaranteed long lifetime.

The capacity of the system is from 50 to 200 W cooling.