The Alpcon ENTIFFIC is a self-powered, multi-fuel alternative to traditional air and cabin heaters. It's offers:

  • heating without the use of external electrical sources
  • surplus power for battery charging or lighting needs
  • cost savings on fuel
  • minimized engine idling
  • no need for power generators 
  • a multi-fuelled solution
  • low noise

A revolutionary rethinking of cold climate and remote area operational needs, the Alpcon ENTIFFIC covers a wide range of markets such as automotive, camping, and marine. The ENTIFFIC is a self-powered air heater designed for trucks, boats, expeditions, construction, refugee camps and a number of other areas. Common for them all is the need for low-fuel and high efficiency solutions in areas where fuel can be a scarce and expensive commodity.

Generally, existing solutions for cold or remote areas involve extra fuel costs for heating and the need of an external power source. The ENTIFFIC offers power ‘free’ of cost and is self-powered why external power sources are unnecessary.

The ENTIFFIC is offered in a stationary and a portable solution depending on whether the need is to heat tents in a military camp or go camping in remote areas.