About Alpcon

Alpcon is an R&D company which develops cleantech products and solutions in the area of waste heat recovery.

Based on the patented HEXTEG energy converters, Alpcon’s objective is to create systems that improve the efficiency of existing energy products.

Together with our business partners, Alpcon targets commercially attractive products that solve concrete problems within areas such as transportation, heating and cooling.

Alpcon recognizes that the utilization of waste heat is a key factor when it comes to increasing global energy efficiency and the reduction of overall energy consumption.

Already at this stage, Alpcon has developed products that have the potential to revolutionize the energy sector.


Alpcon is owned by its founders, Aalborg University and Vinona Invest.

Aalborg University has invested IPR as an in-kind contribution. The Department of Energy Technology carries out research and education within a broad field of Energy Technology, covering electrical, thermal and mechanical energy. The Department's research focuses on efficient energy production based on renewable energy sources and optimal use of energy for various purposes, hence also energy saving technologies. The research is centered on a number of interdisciplinary research programs continuously adapted to current needs.

Vinona Invest took over the shares previously owned by NOVI Innovation in June 2013. The objective is to introduce the Alpcon's products to selected market segments. Vinona Invest has many years of proven experience in production and sales word wide and is a strong resource in terms of reaching markets segments key to Alpcon.