The founders of Alpcon are innovative engineers and business developers with many years of experience in transforming novel energy thinking into efficient energy products. As such, the founders are recognized as being among the pioneers of the success of the fuel cell business in Denmark and have, among other, developed and demonstrated highly efficient residential micro combined heat & power systems based on hybrid thermoelectric generators and solid oxide fuel cells.

Ali Enkeshafi, CTO 

Ali Enkeshafi is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Alpcon A/S. 

He holds an engineering degree in construction and HVAC. He is a system design specialist in any aspects of energy systems and has many years of experience in the integration of novel energy technologies in commercial products.

Niels Willumsen, CFO 

Niels Willumsen is the Chief Financial Officer and a member of the board. He is a senior manager with a focus on international distribution. He has more than 25 years of experience as managing director within sales and distribution of industrial electronics. His main areas of focus are on sales / marketing / branding / positioning of products from key manufacturers as well as on the introduction of new technologies.