Investor Relations

Alpcon is a high level cleantech R&D company with a strong focus on the development of commercial products that can be used in a vast range of markets and applications. Our company is world leading within its field and has many years of experience in the development of customized energy systems based on waste heat recovery and other novel energy technologies. The added value of our technology and products is enormous and represents great sales potential.

Alpcon is owned by the founders, Vinona Invest and Aalborg University and is always on the outlook for new partners that have an interest in building up the business of waste heat recovery.

Production and Sales
In addition to a financial interest in Alpcon, potential investors should also be able to serve as a link to potential markets. This has been the case with large scale production and sales projects such as the Entiffic. Alpcon developed the prototype for the Entiffic cabin heater and matched it with an investor that had the production capacity and market access for this type of product. Similar sales agreements have been made with other partners and negotiations are ongoing with large scale investors on significant projects.

Spin out
Alpcon is also interested in product development on the conceptual stage, where R&D partners or investors would either invest directly in the company or be interested in a technological spin out. Alpcon is engaged with the largest stakeholders within the area. Technologies at play are micro, natural gas, and biomass CHP units, TE brake pads, water heaters and waste heat converters (heating and cooling). Potential investors range from boilers producers, the automotive sector, component producers for the district heating industry to the telecom sector.

In collaboration with the leading research institutions and universities, Alpcon engages in further developing the waste heat recovery technology. Alpcon is used by a number of the key stakeholders who invest massively in waste heat recovery research and development.